In the summer of 2017, two animal lovers approached us with an idea to start a pet shop that deals with pet accessories and medicines. They had their name ready – The Pet Shop. And they loved to encourage animal lovers to make their shop a space to hang out and get to know each other. So, we advised them to tweak their name a bit to ‘The Pet Story’. Everybody has a few stories about their pets and we wanted this space to transcend into a platform to create a community that shares their first-hand stories and experiences about their pets. It could even spread out into the online space too. The Pet Story brand idea was born and the community was to follow soon.

One Idea | The Pet Story
One Idea | The Pet Story
One Idea | The Pet Story | Measurements
One Idea | The Pet Story
One Idea | The Pet Story
One Idea | The Pet Story | Dogs
One Idea | The Pet Story | Car
One Idea | The Pet Story | Song
One Idea | The Pet Story | Board

Identity Design

The paw as a brand identity is the first thought that arises in every designer’s mind and as a rule it had to be discarded. But for us the paw was unique for each animal like the finger prints of human beings and it had a special significance to our brand idea of unique personal stories of love and affection of human beings and their pets. Moreover, a familiar identity like the paw could pull off a weak communication budget. The identity typeface was done to look very personal and very simple in upper casing. The primary brand colour was to be the mud colour and shades of brown in the soil that help animals make their mark everywhere. The brand imageries to be used were pets in action with their masters, to showcase their bonding with each other. The undercurrent of the brand was to treat pets as a core member of every family.

One Idea | The Pet Story | Page
One Idea | The Pet Story | Envelope
One Idea | The Pet Story | Identity Card